‘Everything, Everything’ – A Superb Watch With Amazing Acting Performances | Film Review


Everything, Everything is a 2017 Drama/Romance film starring Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Ana de la Reguera and Taylor Hickson. It is directed by Stella Meghie (most known for Jean Of The Joneses).


A synopsis for this film reads: “A 17 year old girl named Madeline Whittier has a rare disease that causes her to have to stay indoors 24/7 with her filtered air. Her whole life is basically books, her mom, and Carla(her nurse). One day, a moving truck pulls in next door. There she sees Olly. Olly Bright is Maddy’s new neighbor. They get to know each other through emails. The more they get to know each other, the more they fall in love. Olly starts to make Maddy realize that she isn’t really living. This starts the adventures of Maddy’s new life”.


Everything, Everything is a superb watch and I’ll argue my statement below. First of all, the film looks good: The hustle and bustle of city life, the peace of suburban life, and the beauty of the ocean are greatly depicted.


Secondly, it has amazing performances from all the actors, who made me really care about the characters. Thirdly, the main characters are out of the ordinary, really smart and have a complex personality. Fourthly, I really loved the fact that the film presents an interracial love story that never focused on race. The story’s focus is on the beautiful beginning of a relationship between a young couple that evolves into love.


I thought it was clever for the film to show how technology helped the two main characters connect, but instead of texting, the characters were shown as if they were talking one on one. The sights shown in this movie were superb making me want to go to these places.


The film is easy to watch, the storyline develops quite nicely and it’s a perfect choice for everyone, regardless of you age. I didn’t know anything about the condition the main character had and I can’t imagine someone living like this. When I finished watching this film I had a good feeling and I think I’m going to see it again soon. It was that good. If I were to mark it I would give it an 8 out of 10.


Everything, Everything is out in cinemas everywhere! Here’s a preview of what you can expect:




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