Exclusive Trailer For ‘Eden’ Arrives | Film Trailer

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Exclusive Trailer For ‘Eden’ Arrives | Film Trailer


What is so exciting about a film about clubbing? If I wanted to experience clubbing, I’d just go and do it, right? Eden is a film about clubbing, done in a refeshing and enchanting way. The film takes place in the club scene of 1990’s France. Based on true events, the film surrounds director Mia Hansen-Love‘s retelling of the experiences her older brother had as an aspiring DJ.


The soundtrack is nostalgic and fruitful, with an extended cameo from Daft Punk. This film explores the highs and lows of nightlife, and the crushing reality of when it needs to end. Explained as “a love letter to the music” by Wendy Ide of The Times, Eden is a film for people with a passion for music and sound, a romantic mix of throbbing beats and intricate rhythms. Eden is set for a July 24 UK release.




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