EXO-Ls To Commemorate EXO’s 5th Anniversary In Times Square | Music News


Never underestimate the power of a fandom!


The debut anniversary for South Korea’s current representative boy group, EXO, is just around the corner and their fans, affectionately dubbed “EXO-Ls” (for Love), are hitting New York to show some love to the nine-membered group.


Despite the growing global influence and power of the Korean entertainment scene, it’s a first to have a K-pop group feature on Times Square’s Reuters Billboard, which is one of the largest and most iconic screens in the entire square.



And the golden spot on the corner of 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, a spot commonly called “the crossroads of the world”, will not just be featuring a small snap or two of the group, but will be taking up all of the screens on the Thomson Reuters Building.


EXO debuted April 8, 2012 with the dramatic dance track, MAMA, on a mini album of the same name. This Saturday will mark their fifth year anniversary since debut – a milestone considering the flitting longevity of careers in Korea’s entertainment industry. What better way to commemorate it than to celebrate with Times Square?


Congratulations, EXO!



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