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This is the series everyone is talking about. This is a must watch because you want to be involved in the conversations it will provoke.


The ten-part documentary, written and directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, explores the story of Steven Avery, who served 18 years in prison for the sexual assault and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen. Avery was then exonerated in 2003, but in 2005 he was arrested for the murder of Teresa Halbach, a local photographer. This is all the information you should read before watching the series as the main arc of the series follows this second arrest and court case.


The less you know about this real life case the closer to the edge of your seat you will get. Each episode builds to a climax that encourages you to carry straight on to the next episode.


The court room footage feels like a TV drama, especially as the attorneys challenge the opposing arguments. If you don’t know the outcome when the jury brings in a verdict your heart will be racing. Each episode is expertly paced and professionally presented. The series is presented from a bias point of view with only access to the defence team, but it leaves enough open ended to let you come to your own conclusions.


Now I have finished the series I have been reading up on theories and further information around the case. I enjoyed this documentary series as much the great first series of the very popular Serial podcast.


If you haven’t seen watch it now before anyone spoils it. Even if I tell how I felt after the last episode it has the potential to spoil it. Watch it now because everyone is talking about it. The whole series is available on Netflix now.



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