Explore A World Without Sleep In ‘NOD’ | TV News


Fox has announced the development of a new sci-fi show called NOD, which will explore a world where the majority of humans can no longer sleep, with scientists at a complete loss as to explain why. Based on the novel of the same name by author Adrian Barnes, NOD will focus on an “inter-somnial” couple. Tanya flourishes and can go without sleep but Paul is one of the remaining few who is yet to shake the need for sleep.


Bonds of friendship and love will be tested when signs of deprivation among the ‘Awakened’ begin to show. The script for the sci-fi show will be penned by Detroit 1-8-7’s Jason Richman and will be executive produced by Katherine Pope and Peter Chernin. Barnes who released the book in 2013, was recently short-listed for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction literature.



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