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Posable Action Figures released their new single “Bound” on February 8, alongside the release of their debut album It Is What It Is. “Bound” bring out the dynamism and sophistication of the explosive Scottish duo through its rippling rhythm, smooth lyrics and captivating progression that blend perfectly to their fuzz-rock sound.


The Posable Action Figures duo is composed of guitarist and vocalist Gareth Goodland and drummer Kyle Grieve Bound. Gareth describes “Bound” as “a song about the emotional power of jealousy. It’s a tie that binds, there’s no escape!”. Their previous singles have won the support from extensive BBC radio airplay as well as Spotify Editorial placements.


Alternative-rock duo Posable Action Figures was born in 2018 after the two artists met in Edinburgh and both felt inspired by each other’s enthusiasm and adoration of music. Unfortunatly, Gareth had to work as a videographer and Kyle as a drum teacher to earn a living, which always pushed back their recording process to continue their career as emerging musicians


However, the first wave of the Covid-19 allowed them to find time to start recording, mixing and mastering their material and by the Autumn, they’d put together their aptly named debut record It Is What It Is.


Listen to “Bound” below:




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