Extinction Rebellion Activists Target London Brazilian Embassy | Politics


Earlier today (Tuesday morning, August 13), Extinction Rebellion members have painted London’s Brazilian Embassies blood red in protest against “damage to the Amazon rainforest and violence against indigenous tribes living there“.


Activists are taking part in similar actions targeting Brazilian Embassies in 11 countries across the world, including Chile, Portugal, France, Spain and more demanding ‘Indigenous blood – Not one more drop’.


They wanted to protest against the death of environmental defenders who have lost their lives fighting for climate and ecological justice. According to them, 40% of these deaths are indigenous people who have died fighting to protect their homes and their lands.


Illegal mining, which is what the activists are protesting, is also incredibly destructive to the world’s largest rainforest, which is often called ‘the lungs of the earth’ as it produce 20% of the world’s oxygen.


The Brazilian Embassy in London was vandalized by the group, with fake blood thrown on it and graffiti such as ‘stop ecocide’ and ‘vegan for climate’ sprayed on the outside.


One of the protesters, a 54-year old retired primary school headteacher said, “We need everyone to know what’s going on in Brazil, and to tell the UK Government to act. If we close our eyes to the criminal destruction taking place, our children will pay the price. The climate crisis is global“.


Police have arrested four activists.



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