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Filipino producer Idris Vicuña, aka Eyedress, has just released his much anticipated album Astral Travelling Man as a free download. It’s characterful, dark vocal synth pop that’s twisted and spun to create a haunting variety of sound. The record is Eyedress’ first major release since his Hearing Colours mixtape back in April 2014. He slowly teased fans with the release of single “When I’m Gone” featuring GEoRGiA in October and his frantic Know Wave mix in November.


The LP is a made from a mixture of hip-hop, witch house and indie style beats, merged with Eyedress’ notorious laptop production. It moves between bass heavy, hectic snaps to glossy and tranquil melodies overlaid by his soft vocals. Eyedress said about the album, “the album is about my marriage falling apart”. Astral Travelling Man has a dark tone but not in a sitting in your room alone sort of way, more of a gothic dance floor rave approach. Astral Travelling Man is also available to stream in full via SoundCloud below.




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