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With production on Fantastic Beasts 3 being pushed to the end of the year, Ezra Miller found himself with a opening in his schedule this summer, and he’s decided to fill it. Surprisingly, not with the rumoured standalone Flash movie, but instead with an indie thriller titled The Mourner.


Casper Kiriya (Last Knights) is set to direct from a script penned by Robin Shushan, who has adapted the Japanese novel Itamu Hito by Arata Tendo. The book was previously adapted into a Japanese-language film back in 2015.


The story follows a jaded homicide detective who undergoes a spiritual awakening upon meeting a mystical man, who will be played by Miller. His calling in life is to mourn the dead who have no one else to mourn them. It’s a big change from Miller’s recent roles, which have been blockbuster ones in the aforementioned Fantastic Beasts and Justice League.


However, Miller has always been one to take on unusual roles in indie films, even going back to his earliest performances still in his teens. He broke out with performances in challenging films such as Afterschool and We Need To Talk About Kevin, with his most recent serious dramatic work being a starring role in 2015’s The Stanford Prison Experiment.


This news seems to indicate that Warner Bros. are not rushing The Flash into production, which makes sense considering directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have never directed a film with a huge budget with what is likely an absurd number of visual effects shots.


So it makes sense to take the time to get that film right, and it gives Miller time to flex his acting muscles somewhere else in the meantime. Attention will now turn to who will star alongside Miller as the homicide detective in The Mourner.



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