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Facebook Reveals Augmented Reality Glasses Project | Culture


September 25 saw the Oculus Connect 6 developers conference about virtual reality, take place at San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California.


During the conference, Mark Zuckerberg officially announced new Facebook projects: augmented-reality (AR) glasses and a ‘Live Map’.


He gave information about it, even if it will be years before the device is launched. The glasses will be able to projects images and light into the user’s eyes. It will superimpose photos and videos on top of live images of the real world. It would take phone calls, show information in AR but also be connected to headphones or speakers to play music. Facebook is also created a voice assistant for its AR glasses.


Alongside these, Zuckerberg also announced a 3D mapping system which is a kind of an evolution of Google maps. It would be able to recreate the planet in AR as a “multi-layer representations of the world”.


It will allow users to share virtual maps with other peoples. Like a kind of teleportation. Facebook is also working on avatars that will recreate our faces and emotions in real-time. You will be able to go anywhere in the world with anyone, like as if you were together.


All of this seems to be very science fiction, but it will be real very soon. As the Facebook chief said, “the next generation will share personal moments like their babies’ first steps through AR or VR for a more immersive experience”.


Facebook definitely wants more than just a social network, and it seems that Black Mirror has inspired them…



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