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Ahead of it’s official release on April 1, Tancred’s new album Out of the Garden is now streaming via FADER. The site comments on the new release:


“Out Of The Garden, is a full-on blast of power pop with an angry shadow behind it. Lead singer and songwriter Jess Abbott’s voice sounds like it came straight out of 1999; she’s got those perfect, subtly nasal pipes that sound like the sweetest, chewiest, most long-lasting bubblegum”.


The album was written over a two year period during a break from touring and songwriter Jess Abbott writes of re-defining feminine expectations. She says: “I learned how to speak up when I needed to and how to truly be myself without reservation,” Abbott recalls. “I felt afraid walking home at night, and after a couple of months I just got sick of it and started getting into self-defense and self-empowerment as a means of coping. Finding my own strength changed everything”.


The album was produced by That Dog’s Anna Waronker and Off!/Redd Kross member Steven McDonald and has already been hailed as “phenomenal”  by NPR Music. You can find the stream via FADER  here.



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