‘Family Feud Australia’ Apologises For ‘Sexist’ Question | TV News


We all have a favourite question and answer we have heard on Family Fortunes (Also known as Family Feud in other countries):


Name a bird with a long neck — Natalie Portman


Name a type of bean — Lesbeam


And so on, I could be here all day. However, Australia has set the benchmark for ridiculous questions now. The show asked 100 people to “name a job a woman can do”. “Correct” answers were cooking, cleaning, nursing, hairdressing, domestic duties, receptionist, laundry and doing the dishes. As for the “jobs a man can do”, correct answers included builder, plumber and mechanic. The show’s question had blown up over social media with people stating the show was “Misogynist”, “Sexist” and “Disgraceful”.


Earlier today (October 16), Australia’s Channel 10 where the show is broadcast, said on its Facebook: “We apologise for including the two questions relating to what people think is a man’s job and a woman’s job in the episode of Family Feud which aired last night. The questions were ill advised and should not have been included in the show“. However, the host of the show Grant Denyer, retorted to the claims by saying, “don’t blame us for the answers, they’re yours Australia!“. The show has sparked mixed opinions, from people branding the show a disgrace, to others suggesting that audiences are too sensitive. What are your thoughts and opinions?



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