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Fans of Tinie Tempah were left angry and disappointed when the star turned up hours late to his own ‘intimate gig’ and only performed two songs before leaving. Fans paid £38 per ticket to see the rapper perform in Canterbury on Saturday night (April 11), only to wait for more than three hours for him to arrive. He then spent just a few minutes on stage, playing two of his songs before telling the crowd, “see you on tour” and leaving.


The club which hosted the event (Club Chemistry) has apologized to the audience and accused Tinie of breaking his contract with them. Some fans are believed to have paid more than £100 to meet Tinie, 26, whose real name is Patrick Okogwu and who is best known for his 2010 hit “Pass Out”. Ticket-holders had been warned that they would not be let in if they arrived after 11pm – even though Tinie was not there until at least three hours later.


However, the rapper did actually tell his Canterbury fans what time he would be arriving on Twitter. He tweeted: “Tonight I’ll be in Cantebury at 2.30am“. Fans who did stay for the late-night performance, were treated to just two songs, though, before Tinie walked off. Many fans took to social media to express their disappointment at what had been described as an “exclusive” event. One ticket-holder wrote on Twitter the next day: “Clearly success doesn’t equal class, Tinie Tempah showed how little he cares about his fans in Canterbury last night“. She added: “He didn’t deliver on his promises to the club, half-heartedly performed two songs rather than a full set then left“.


Organisers apologised to those who had bought tickets, saying in a statement: “We are as disappointed as you. We were promised a two hour set with DJ Charlesy that included a decent performance from Tinie Tempah, as well as meet, greet and photos. It was all a massive let-down. We have lodged a formal complaint with his management and have demanded your ticket money back“. The club said that it would make sure members of the audience are ‘compensated’ and promised to keep them updated.


The club continued to apologize, issuing a further statement on its website: “Dear Club Chemmers, Further to our statement at 5am this morning, our attempt to get Tinie Tempah’s booking agent to refund the money has fallen on deaf ears… Therefore because we refuse to see our customers’ time and money being squandered so thoughtlessly, we will refund people ourselves, as well as giving anyone who had a ticket, free entry to our next big event… We are assured they will actually perform because they are proper artists“.


However, representatives for Tinie Tempah failed to return a request for comments on the matter.



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