‘Fantastic Four’ Sequel Pulled From Release Schedule | Film News

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‘Fantastic Four’ Sequel Pulled From Release Schedule | Film News



After Fantastic Four opened this past summer to dismal reviews and box office failure, there was some question as to what would happen to the sequel that 20th Century Fox pre-emptively set a release date of June 9 2017 for. The studio remained vague about their plans following the film’s release, whilst writer/producer Simon Kinberg producer claimed that work on the project was still moving forward. Now it seems Fox has finally reacted in some manner as, according to Box Office Mojo, the studio has just pulled Fantastic Four 2 from their release calender.


Now this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. There have been a lot of rumours floating around about Fox selling their Fantastic Four rights back to Marvel Studios, but none of those have officially confirmed as of yet. Regardless of their past failures, Fox may still want to hold onto the rights and rethink their approach to the property. Whether they end up making a sequel to the Josh Trank film or reboot yet again, they’ve still got a few years before they have to give the characters back and getting a film ready for 2017 after such a failure is just unreasonable.


We’ll just have to wait and see what Fox’s next play is but, whether through Fox or Marvel, a version of Marvel’s First Family will probably hit the big screen at some point in the near future. Maybe this time they’ll actually get it right.



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