Fascinations Grand Chorus Share New Single 'Future World' | Music News - Conversations About Her

Fascinations Grand Chorus Share New Single ‘Future World’ | Music News

Conversations About Her

Fascinations Grand Chorus Share New Single ‘Future World’ | Music News


A brand-new single has landed from rising American indie-pop duo Fascinations Grand Chorus. The infectious “Future World” is taken from their debut album, Presentations of Electrical Confectionery, which dropped on November 1.


New Jersey duo Fascinations Grand Chorus are composed of two competing songwriters Stephanie Cupo (vocals, keyboards) and Andrew Pierce (drums), who decided to join forces and share their ideas with the world.


Inspired by the likes of The Misfits and 1910 Fruitgum Company, the two musicians produce irresistibly playful and memorable tunes, which effortlessly combine elements of surf rock, garage and bubblegum pop.


“Future World” previews the band’s newly-released debut full-length, Presentations of Electrical Confectionery. The record also features some of their previous offerings, such as “The Christmas” and “Anglesea”.


Fascinations Grand Chorus recorded their new album in their native New Jersey and co-produced it with Dennis Pierce. The 10-track release brings to mind the greatest hits from a few decades ago, reviving the sound of Blondie and The Beach Boys.


In their recent interview for Atwood Magazine, the duo said “This album is inspired by grandiose aspirations that fall apart and the departed attractions that accompany them.


“To get into the specifics of what that exactly means can rob the listener the experience we intended. Do the songs mean something very personal and reflect specific people and places?


“Of course. But this album is in-part about discovery and ambitions that don’t always lead to success. The key is to find those sweet confections, show they have more than a throw-away value and keep the optimistic spirit alive”.


Listen to “Future World” here:




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