Febueder – Stilts | Music Video


The music new video for Febueder’s later single “Stilts” in out now on YouTube. The Alt-pop trio have recently released their five-track EP titled From An Album. They also performed live at The Finsbury in London and Farmfest 2017 this year.


The music video for the track has been directed by rising documentary filmmaker and photographer Jess Colquhou. The video shows the life of a young Afo American girl, and the contradiction between the feminine look (when she trains as chilider) and male aspect (when she plays basketball).


Speaking about “Stilts” the band said: “The inspiration for Stilts stemmed instrumentally. I visualised a person riding a motorcycle at 120mph through rough terrain; the bass and rhythm of the engine mirrored in the groove of the bass guitar.”


The indie-dance outfit Febueder are currently working on their debut album, while we are waiting to listen to some new material, we can enjoy the music video for “Stilts”. Watch it below:




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