Feki + Emily – Quiet Minds | New Music



By some miracle, a beautiful Brisbance partnership has been put together as electronic artist Feki recruits Yucca‘s lead-singer Emily to feature on his latest single “Quiet Minds”. Emily’s soft, delicate vocals stunningly assist Feki’s chilled electro-soul vibes as you are transported to another dimension free of worry, stress and darkness. This marks a dramatic return to songwriting following Feki’s success of his hit “Remember”, released in April this year.


Influenced by Ta-ku, 40, Jamie xx, Stwo, Sango, Feki is surely making his musical role models proud with this latest track. I will leave you with this profound and thought provoking blurb attached to the song on Soundcloud, as well as the streaming link below. Enjoy. “Silence is beautiful thing, but it is often intentionally blocked from our lives because we choose to avoid reality. Sometimes in order to find the truth, we need not run from the quiet, but rather embrace it“.




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