Fences To Release ‘To The Tall Trembling Trees’ EP In September | Music News

Fences 23.07.2016ANDREW


Votiv Music and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Fences, or Chris Mansfield, is soon to present his brand new six-song EP, titled To The Tall Trembling Trees. This comes on Friday, September 9, and serves as the first set of official music from him since his 2014 offering, Lesser Oceans.


This is meant to be the turning of a new leaf for Mansfield. Now without a major label, he defaulted to a more back to basics approach. Apparently an unrelenting work ethic has seen him churn out some 40-odd songs, and only putting the best on an EP which he knocked out in his Brooklyn apartment over just three days.


To The Tall Trembling Trees track listing:


  1. Hunting Season
  2. The Fountain
  3. Pale Paper
  4. Cedar Wesley
  5. Like A Feather
  6. Buffalo Feet



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