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Fernando Marri is a Brazilian singer-songwriter who combines Folk, Rock and Soul creating a blend of different genres.


Inspired by the 70’s, his major influences come from Neil Young, Paul McCartney and Joh Mayer.


He grew up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and started his music career as a DJ at the age of 12. Then he did a music production school.


He decided to go to New York in 2011 even if he couldn’t speak English. There, he met his longtime idol Paul Simon, which encouraged him to chase his musical dreams. Thus, he bought his first guitar and a Beatles Chord book. He learned how to play guitar on his own, and after a few months, he wrote his first song.


Nowadays, he runs a successful food truck in Texas, and he has just finished his debut album Four Thousand Miles From Home due to be released on November 15. It’ll showcase crowd-pleasing melodies, warm soulful harmonies and native Brazilia grooves. In it, Fernando wants to share the message of an immigrant seeking to reach his American Dream.


To give us a taste of it, he has just released the first single from his upcoming album. Titled “Darling”, it features modern guitar licks and mellow. It’s a lovely love song, and as said Fernando Marri says, “the inspiration for the tune primarily was to capture that old love song ballad vibe”.


It’s a groovy track featuring his smooth vocals. It’s dancing, rhythmic and jazzy, and we can’t wait for future releases, listen to “Darling” here:




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