Fetty Wap + Azealia Banks + Quavo (Migos) + Gucci Mane – Trap Queen (Remix) | New Music


After the huge success of Fetty Wap’s track “Trap Queen” by reaching #3 on the Billboard Top 100 tracks, it was time for a remix of it. Gucci Mane and Quavo (Migos), two rappers who are currently in jail, decided to join it. While the rhythmic beat still remains the same as before, the rappers add a rougher sound to it. The UK version of it additionally features Azaelia Banks. However, “Trap Queen” is not the only single from Fetty Wap that will have a star-studded remix. Drake can be heard on the new remix of “My Way”, so Fetty Wap clearly is high on the ladder of success right now. Listen to both remix versions of “Trap Queen” here.





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