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Newcomer Ffion is back on the scene with her her latest single, “Rumours” from her debut EP, Bad Habits.


Formerly a YouTube cover artist sensation, Ffion’s original material is a breath of fresh air. “Rumour” is a clean, acoustic, R&B track that showcases Ffion’s soft and soulful voice. The new single explains, Ffion’s difficulty with her experience in being caught in a web of gossip around the person she was with in the past.


Due to her reluctance to open up about the situation, producer, GROSSE, found the best way of expressing herself was through writing “Rumours” that resulted in the creation of the most personal track on her EP.


Following her previous tracks, “With U” and “I Miss U,” Ffion is certainly making a strong entrance into the music scene. The British vocalist is one of four Singapore artists to feature on Spotify’s “Early Noise 2017” playlist. She was also picked as Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight for February in South-East Asia with her first single, “I Miss U,” airing on MTV Asia.


In talking about her debut EP: “Recording and writing, ‘Bad Habits’, for me was ultimately an opportunity for me to reflect on the past. I felt a lot of my songs were based on relationships that had gone and it got me wondering if it was my fault things never worked out or if I was just innately attracted to things that were toxic.”


She further shares: “I felt it was easier to process and distance myself from these issues once it was put to words. Working with G R O S S E & shaykhandbake on the EP was a very humbling experience, I was taught how to love music once again and write authentically and in the moment.”


Ffion will be releasing her debut EP, Bad Habits on June 22. Make sure to get your copy here.


For now, have a listen of “Rumours” down below.



And make sure to listen to more of Ffion’s music here.



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