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FHAT are the coolest rising London duo on the scene and they released their latest track “Packin’” on October 11.


The boys are already known in the music industry with half-a-million streams on their own Spotify catalogue. They have garnered the support of New Music Friday, H&M’s in store playlist and theor September release “Do That” is currently number 1 on Tidal R&B!


They also had support from Billboard, Gay Times, Complex and Pilerats, among others, with Billboard saying about them, “… an impossibly sultry cool vibe“ . And I can’t agree more.


Their latest track “Packin” is a sucker-punch right into the today’s climate of sexism, misogyny and homophobia. The innocently raunchy record is complete with all the necessary sass and sex celebrating all shapes and sizes. And the two friends have hypnotic kind of retro vocals which perfectly blent together.


They said they did this tracks because, “we have lived in NYC, LA and now Berlin and we noticed how much men and boys objectify women by catcalling, touching, poking and being inappropriate so we like to give them a taste of their own medicine. Thus came “Packin”.


So, “what are you packin? Cause baby it’s really starting to show”.


Also, don’t miss their upcoming music video, which drops tomorrow, October 16. You’ll discover the singers in a 70’s inspired hyper sexualized music video shot on 16mm Film. In the meantime, listen to “Packin” below:




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