Fickle Friends – Could Be Wrong | New Music


Brighton based indie band Fickle Friends share their newest track “Could Be Wrong” which will feature on their upcoming EP Velvet, due to be released on May 25. The band started building up their fan base in their local area, a couple of years ago but have gone on to have over 10 thousand followers on their Facebook page and a strong following all over Europe.


Talking about the new track, the band said, “we wrote ‘Could Be Wrong’ last summer after the buzz of festival season, and it just felt like the obvious choice for a follow up to ‘For You’. The EP is completely self-produced, which was a great learning curve for us. We’ve been really meticulous with these songs. We’ve really taken our time with the intricacies of the melody and the placing of synths. We just hope that our fans love the songs and that people can see the progression in our writing”. Listen to the new track below.




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