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Field Of Giants – We Are (Album) | New Music



It’s pretty hard these days for bands to completely nail it with their first record, but upcoming Oxford alt-rockers Field Of Giants have done just that with their debut album We Are. The impressive 13 track record was put out officially on the November 6. Each song resonates heavy and raw sounds and commenting on the album’s name the band say, “We Are Field Of Giants, and we’re not trying to be anything else”. The band guide you through their debut with consistency to create something a bit different, telling me, “We try to find influences in anything we like to listen to, taking little bits and tricks from hundreds of different bands”.


Here are a few standout tracks:


Ever heard a song and thought, “Wait… Isn’t this Tool?”. A clear influence introduces you to the band with the opening track “Let Go”. The prominent riffs in the bursts of lead guitar are what drives the song to its greatness in this case, blending the powerful vocals into the mix of percussion as well.


Brash, fast paced and relentless, “Make My Day” is up next and is a future heavy crowd pleaser for sure. The thudding introduction sets an aggressive pace and though I begrudgingly use the phrase while grimacing, this will be one to start a pit someday. One you’ll probably want to replay.


“Fake” has a certain honest voice it wants you to hear with its interesting lyricism and uses contrasts in the style of the tone, pace and vocals, creating a unique fragmentation. The singer’s compelling expression is what really reels you into the song and convinces you to listen further.


With a compositionally intricate introduction that sticks in your head, “Rain” is a personal favourite with a lot of percussion-soaked goodness.


Kind enough to answer a few questions, when asked if there was a particular concept behind the album they say, “…Field Of Giants started as a project just to see if we could write an albums worth of songs, so that’s where the concept started. Beyond that there’s not much to it, simply the type of music we like writing & listening to”. The band soon hope to play gigs and write more music and say, “We’ll see what the reaction is on the album then make plans around that. Hopefully people will like it”. 


They’re honest, consistent and a total breath of fresh air in the alt-rock scene. You can check out their album on Spotify or purchase it here.



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