FIFA Film ‘United Passions’ Earns Dreadfully Low $607 At US Box Office | Film News

‘United Passions’, which stars Tim Roth, averages $60 from 10 cinemas.


Frederic Auburtin’s United Passions, which was funded by FIFA and starred Tim Roth as Sepp Blatter, scored just $607 (£394) from its 10-cinema limited run over the film’s opening weekend, according to the Hollywood Reporter. One cinema even reported just one ticket sold, meaning a site-take of an embarrassing $9.


United Passions follows the passing of the FIFA baton through three of the organisation’s presidents: Jules Rimet (Gerard Depardieu), Joao Havelange (Sam Neill) and of course, Blatter. Not only has the film being financially unsuccessful, but has also been universally panned by critics.


The film worked on a budget of about $25-32 million, three quarters of which was covered by the football governing body. The crumbling organisation is in a current state of disarray, as multiple officials have been arrested by the FBI in connection to fraud, money racketeering and laundering. Blatter himself, president for 17 years, resigned last week, days before the film’s release. Not the best timing, by any means.



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