Filming For Upcoming Comedy ‘Catfight’ Has Finished | Film News

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Filming For Upcoming Comedy ‘Catfight’ Has Finished | Film News

Catfight cast


Anne Heche, Alicia Silverstone and Sandra Oh have just wrapped up a fiery new comedy aptly named Catfight. According to The Wrap, two friends separate after college and take two different paths: Veronica (Oh) becomes a wealthy housewife, rich beyond her needs whilst Ashley (Heche) is a “struggling outsider artist”. Instead of happy reunion when the two meet at a birthday party, it becomes a World War III situation.


Director Onur Takel had nothing but praise for his leading women: “I expected the lead performances to be brilliant but what they did blew my mind […]. It was so collaborative that I feel like I didn’t do much work at all. I just sat back and watched a group of young, passionate people pull this movie together”.


Watch out for Catfight in the not-too-distant future!



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