Final Trailer Arrives For ‘Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway’ | Film News


The cute and adventurous animated rabbit movie Peter Rabbit is coming back this Summer with a brand new sequel titled Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway and a brand new final trailer has just come out! The trailer shows how the bunny family is having their last adventure before settling down.


Regarding the premise of the new sequel, which is based on the Beatrix Potter-created character and stories, Bea and Thomas have decided to get married and have created a family with Peter Rabbit and his family. However, Peter cannot seem to dispel his bad reputation amongst the other rabbits, despite his best efforts.


When Peter decides to adventure out of the garden, he suddenly finds himself in a world where he is quite well appreciated the way he is. But the twist here is that his family goes looking for him, so the reckless bunny must decide, once and for all, what kind of bunny he wants to be for the sake of his family.


In the trailer, we can see see the family and the humans having various adventures, in the snow, skiing, skydiving, taking the train, as well as riding a luxury sports car. The trailer also shows us how Peter has to make certain choices to be a better or worse bunny.


Directed by Will Gluck, from a script he wrote with the help of Patrick Burleigh, the film will have the voices of James Corden as Peter Rabbit, David Oyelowo, Elizabeth Debicki, and Margot Robbie.


The film is produced by Columbia Pictures and is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. Being the last trailer coming out, the film should arrive in the UK and in Europe next month.


Watch the trailer here:




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