Fink Unveils Acoustic Session Of ‘Resurgam’ | Music News

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Fink Unveils Acoustic Session Of ‘Resurgam’ | Music News


Fink have recorded a live acoustic version of their newest album Resurgam and it’s magical. Stream the session here.


The name behind Fink is Fin Greenall, Cornwall-born, Berlin-based musician, who has previously collaborated with such artists as John Legend, Amy Winehouse, Banks and others.


Greenall’s characteristic vocals, Tim Thornton’s drums and Guy Whitaker’s bass lines altogether create the specific and unique Fink trio.


Resurgam is the seventh album of the band and it’s quite different than the previous ones. Decoded from Latin, the album’s title means “I shall rise again” and the message here is clear – the music is renewed and it has stepped away from the original Fink, that we would remember from Distance and Time or Sort of Revolution. The brighter experiments started with Hard Believer, the album from 2014.


This time, the band moves way further from folk and blues influenced sound. Resurgam is much darker but still stunningly melodic, intimate and strong. Album’s lead single “Cracks Appear” is one of the tracks where Fink can still be easily recognized and sounds more positive.



Another new track, definitely worth a listen is “Word to Wise”, an unexpectedly calm and leaving Greenall’s soul bare.



Fink are currently on their European tour and you can check out the dates here, don’t miss the chance to hear the real, best quality music from these experienced artists.



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