Finnish Artist Venior Unveils New Single ‘Feed My Mind’

On May 6, Finnish artist Venior, based in Berlin, released her new single “Feed My Mind” adding to her full length debut album which is set to release in September.

Venior describes her style as “Freeky Punky Pop”. She mixes wild, experimental beats with heavy bass sounds, powerful vocals and a strong message together with her mysterious and colourful art world which she describes as a portal into the “Neon Pussy Universe”.

She first emerged in 2015 and created a buzz with singles such as “Sugar Rush” and “Na Na Na”. She has traveled the world working with artists such as Nova Wav (Beyonce, Rihanna), Zara Larsson, and Kumi Koda. Based. She is currently based in Berlin and and working on a new art project.

Venior was born under the full moon in Helsinki and grew up in a small suburb. She spent her summers on a tiny island without electricity or running water. She started playing the piano at the age of six and wrote her first song a few years later.

Her passion for art began at age 11 when she decided to be a full-time artist. After graduating from high school, she left home to pursue her artistic career. Venior moved first to Stockholm, then London, and has worked with producers and songwriters all over the world. She eventually found herself in Berlin, where she immediately felt at home and connected to the vibrant art scene.

Speaking about the single, Venior says, “‘Feed My Mind’ is a groovy, fun r&b meets dub jam that I wrote as a closure to my adolescent fooling around with nice appearance but lack of brains. The song is an expression of maturing into the realisation that what really fulfils me is not a rollercoaster of emotions and a temporary high but to be with someone who nurtures the depths of my being rather than the superficial things.

The revolution starts with the relationship we have with ourselves and our closest ones. If we keep feeding into the ego-hype and focus on appearance that our society is obsessed with, we won’t create the more healthy and truthful society that I feel humanity so desperately long for“.

Listen To “Feed My Mind” below:


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