Fiona Bevan Live @ Soho House – Monday, June 23 | Events


The beautiful bewitching voice of Fiona Bevan can be heard live at Soho House on the 23rd of June, where the unique and distinctive Suffolk born singer-songwriter will be performing live and will be singing songs off her debut album Talk To Strangers that is out now on Navigator Records. The album features twelve dynamic songs with hooks and harmonies and melodies that will linger from a first listen, but remain fresh and new rather then growing old. All songs were written by Fiona herself and they not only showcase her sweet vocals and chart topping song writing ability, but also her skills as a musician as you will be able to hear Bevan playing the guitar, violin, double bass, accordion, and harp, and she even adds the occasional whistle of birdsong.


Fiona Bevan has already had chart topping success for her song writing when she wrote “Little Things” with Ed Sheeran that became a number 1 single for Pop band One Direction, so there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this album is going to be nothing short of flawless. Fiona is such a unique and distinctive artist and this is showcased throughout everything she does, even her mop of peroxide curls accentuates just how special and unique this lady is. Fiona’s songs are all about story telling and Talk To Strangers is all about real things that have happened to her or her family, and you will be able to hear that every single lyric is important and that no word has been wasted.


If you would like to witness Fiona singing her story live then make sure you get yourself down to Soho House on the 23rd of June to see this stunning lady perform because it will be an extremely special night. Stream her brand new album here.



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