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Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris are two identical twins from White Rock, British Columbia, from whom you most certainly will hear more about in the next years to come.


The duo, who goes by the name Fionn, has unveiled the music video for their single “Robert“. The song is a folk ballad that strikes a chord for its honest lyrics and beautiful harmonies. I personally think it’s hard to find something so deeply personal and intimate like this song, so Fionn have definitely something big on their hands.


The sisters’ harmonies and matching voices give the offering a daunting and nostalgic vibe. “Robert”, then, becomes almost a page taken out of one of the sisters’ diary. It unfolds slowly and gently, as the music that accompanies the song does, and it reaches its breaking point with Fionn singing “a life without you sounds so wrong“.


The music video for the song is, likewise, a raw portray of the blossoming and end of a relationship, with Brianna who remembers about the beautiful moments spent with ‘her Robert’, before the video turns to the downfall of the romance.


Fionn is an exiting upcoming new duo. Backed up by beautifully orchestrated harmonies and a catching sound, the two sisters have been singing together since an early age, and it shows. They remind slightly of Safe And Sound‘s delicate delivery, but don’t let yourself get fooled, Fionn are a league of their own. With an upcoming album to be released later this year, the sisters are here to stay.


Watch the video here:




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