Fire Worsens Conditions Of Migrant Camp On Greek Island Of Lesbos | Politics


A few days ago in Moria, the largest refugee camp of Greece, a fire broke out in a container that the Greek authorities use to house refugees. As local officials said, at least two persons died during the fire. This event has only worsened the already difficult conditions of those housed in the camp.


Indeed, the fatiscent conditions of the camp allow a capacity of 3000 people, which has been overcome by the increasing population of migrants right after the arrival of more than 9,000 refugees in August and more than 8,000 in September. Now the camp hosts 12,000 refugees, reaching a dangerous peak, as they are living forcibly and in inhuman conditions, by making the fight against borders continues throughout Europe.


Marco Sandrone, MSF’s field coordinator on Lesbos stated: “European and Greek authorities who continue to contain these people in these conditions have a responsibility in the repetition of these dramatic episodes”. The United Nations is more than aware of the hellish conditions in which refugees are living and they could no longer ignore the clashes erupted between asylum seekers and Greek police on Sunday.


United Nations has called for migrants to be transferred to the mainland. Moreover, Greek government announced the intention  to move at least 3,000 people by the end of October. “This is a national crisis and it must be addressed with a spirit of responsibility“, said a deputy public order minister Oikonomou.



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