Firewoodisland – Dearest Brother | Music Video

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Firewoodisland – Dearest Brother | Music Video


Bristol-based four piece Firewoodisland reveals a new visual for their newest single “Dearest Brother”. The group has an upcoming album that is supposed to be released in early 2018. “Dearest Brother” is the first sneak-peak of what is going to be on Firewoodisland´s debut album.


The song is a folk-pop anthem where you can hear the beautiful notes in the beginning of the song. In general, the song has a compelling sound combined with different instruments that creates a nice harmony of the single.


The music video is shot in black and white which gives it an effect of something sad and emotional. They explain that: “‘Dearest Brother’ is a song of compassion and tough love. It’s about watching friends getting hurt by bad decisions, letting them know that you’re there for them and about taking the brunt – as long as they do something to help themselves.


The video is a journey of self-discovery following a young man’s story line of relationship, loneliness and shadow boxing. Filled with raw and bitter emotion, what happens when our hero faces up to his biggest enemy?”


With this said it makes sense with the black and white which applies to a stronger contrast of what they aim to show and make the viewer feel. Watch the nice visual for Firewoodisland´s latest single “Dearest Brother” here.




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