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When you think of fashion and glamour then New York certainly takes the crown, which is unsurprising, given its big screen credentials and celebrity endorsements coming thicker and faster day by day. The real question is who and/or what embodies New York fashion sense? Is it Lady Liberty or Sarah Jessica Parker? And are they authentically what New York represent on the fashion scene. Well, it seems not, according to First Generation Fashion, curated by Daniela Kucher.


The First Generation Fashion blog is a crucible of talent drawing in real life fashionistas in a hub. The fashion it covers is contemporary and on point for the streets of the big apple. It goes beyond the clothes however, it’s a cultural and ethnic passport of fashion as the contributors are from all walks of life. Antonella is one such contributor who is originally from Uruguay and moved to Williamsburg. Her photographs may look like the standard poses you’d find in vogue but you’d be wrong. There’s something more original and authentic about the photographs. It’s real. There’s no photoshop or make up artist applying their magic touch to a supermodel. This is New York today.


If you look at the name of the blog itself “First Generation Fashion”, it represents a group of first generation immigrants applying their stamp to their new home. They’re owning their new nationality by drawing on their cultural heritage and marrying it with their current home. This makes it more than just a fashion blog. If you’re thinking of emigrating to the states then this is your first stop before the checking-in desk. Make sure you check it out on




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