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Netflix has released a promotional image of Aziz Ansari’s new show Master of None, which happens to debut on November 9. The image features a suited up Aziz, looking pensive and rather dapper in a bar. Perhaps he’s on a date? Perhaps he’s contemplating the rest of his life? Who knows what to expect from the man who just finished a stand-up special at Madison Square Garden? – Apart from a heap of gut wrenching comedy, of course.


Having co-created the show with Alan Yang, Aziz Anin will be starring in, directing and writing the new series Master of None which is partly based on his life experiences. His character, named Dev, is a struggling 30-year old actor living in New York city, and the show will follow the daily humours of his life. H John Benjamin, Eric Wareheim, Lena Waithe, Noel Wells and Kelvin Yu will also feature in the 10 episode series.


Ansari recently told People Magazine that his real parents would be playing the roles of his parents on the show too, and despite the fact they had never acted before, he was proud of how quickly they picked everything up. “It makes you realise how easy acting really is”, he joked.



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