First Look At Renee Zellweger In ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ | Film News



Who can escape technology these days? It seems even Bridget Jones herself has thrown in the towel and given into upgrading her diary to an iPad. As shown in the official picture for Bridget Jones’ Baby, Renee Zellweger will be returning as an older Bridget, with a lot more fun in store. Some of which, it seems, will include a bun in the oven!


Baby daddy drama, anyone? Well, whilst Colin Firth will also return in the film as the prude but loveable Mark Darcy, it is also known that Mr. McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey, will be featuring alongside him! Although it would be absolutely divine to see McDreamy alive and kicking in the UK after his tear-jerking departure from Grey’s Anatomy last season, his inclusion in the film does call to question the role which he will be playing.


A possible love interest for Miss. Jones, perhaps? The film will not be based on Helen Fielding’s third Bridget novel from 2013, ‘Bridget Jones: Mad about the boy’, and this should be quite a relief, as (spoiler!) Mark Darcy actually passed away in the book! It seems the film will make quite a diversion from that storyline, as Miss. Jones is looking utterly joyous in the official picture!



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