First Look At Will Smith’s Genie In Live Action ‘Aladdin’ | Film News


Will Smith is set to star in the Disney Live Action remake of Aladdin, where he will play the blue genie. Originally voiced by the late Robin Williams, Smith has a lot to live up to, and Twitter users haven’t let this little fact slide.


Many tweeted the multitalented actor/singer/rapper with questions as to why the genie on the poster wasn’t blue, with some alluding to other Disney films in an attempt to voice their opinions.



However recent news from Will Smith’s Instagram comments tell us otherwise, and that the genie will in fact be blue, and will also be CGI throughout most of the movie. The pictures we have now are of the genie in his human form.



This is not the first live action film Disney has remade in recent years, though. After the success of The Jungle Book, Disney has recently finished making The Lion King film starring Beyoncé and Seth Rogen, and with the popularity of both, it’s no wonder they are making Aladdin.


We should expect more remakes in the future from classics like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, after Disney Princess remakes like Beauty And The Beast and Cinderella did so well at the box office.



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