First Look At Willem Dafoe As Vincent Van Gogh For ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ | Film Trailer


Willem Dafoe is Vincent Van Gogh in the first trailer for At Eternity’s Gate, from writer/director Julian Schnabel.


The actor, who got nominated for an Oscar last year for The Florida Project, stars as the tormented, post-impressionist painter in the movie, which focuses on the last day of Van Gogh and chronicles both his breakthroughs in painting as well as his time spent in an asylum.


The first look at the movie shows stunning cinematography from Schnabel, who is also a painter, and who may have nailed this one and secure itself another award contender. Noted, a movie about the celebrated painter should not have a shabby graphic.


After the groundbreaking Loving Vincent, the first fully painted animated feature film, the news about another movie on the life of Van Gogh felt a little bit redundant. However, with Shnabel’s capable hands behind the camera, At Eternity’s Gate could provide another fresh and interesting look into the life of the painter.


Dafoe is the perfect choice to play the mentally unstable Van Gogh. With his piercing blue eyes it’s even easier to look straight into the soul of the painter and see his demons.


In the trailer, a lost Dafoe is seen remarking to a reverend “I’m always been a painter. That I know“. The inevitability of his natural gift is a daunting and tormenting one for the painter. Also making an appearance is Oscar Isaac in the vest of the experimental Paul Gauguin, as he tries to convince Vincent of the necessity of “starting a revolution“.


At Eternity’s Gate seems to have both depth and stunning visuals, that, hopefully, will push the movie forward in the festivals circuits. All we have to do, then, is wait and see how the reception for the film will be.


Watch the trailer here:




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