First Poster Of Emma Watson In ‘Regression’ Unveiled | Film News

Emma Watson graces new poster for ‘Noah’ film
The traumatized-looking Emma Watson features in Alejandro Amenabar’s staggering film poster of Regression.


Spanish-Chilean director Alejandro Amenabar is renowned for making psychological drama films. He made his debut with serial killer thriller Tesis in 1996 and has since made darkly superb The Others, starring a brilliantly absent Nicole Kidman, whose performance is vastly being compared with Emma Watson’s in the director’s upcoming psycho-drama, Regression – also starring Ethan Hawke.


By viewing the striking poster, it is visible that Amenabar is emotionally pushing Watson as he did with Kidman. The promising actress, Watson, is cast as Angela Gray, a woman who accuses her father of sexual abuse, which he is thus investigated for, but because he has no recollection of the alleged events, regression therapist David Thewlis is required to pick through the father’s fragmented memories and eventually uncover a dark, disturbing conspiracy. The talented Alejandro Amenabar, who specializes in dark, intimate stories, wrote the film’s script and wrapped up filming almost a year ago, so, cinemas are expecting its arrival on October 9 (UK).



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