First Trailer Finally Arrives For Brad Pitt-Led ‘Ad Astra’ | Film Trailer


It was just a few weeks ago that we were wondering what was going on with James Gray‘s Ad Astra. There wasn’t a concrete release date, and we were still lacking any promotional material. Fortunately, that has all changed, as the first trailer has arrived complete with a confirmed September release.


Those who were already highly anticipating the film are likely feeling a little giddy now, as the trailer below conjures up comparisons to other recent space films such as Interstellar, Gravity, and First Man. Yet, although the trailer focuses on the thrills of a space adventure, Gray has always been one for quiet, thoughtful dramas. It’s likely some hoping for a blockbuster will be disappointed.



The film follows Brad Pitt‘s astronaut who is sent to the deep depths of the solar system to search for his father, who went missing on a mission 16 years prior. His ship – potentially still floating out there – also contained materials that could threaten to end life as we know it.


Gray’s previous work includes Two Lovers, The Immigrant, and The Lost City Of Z. This is Pitt’s first starring role since 2017’s bungled Netflix satire, War Machine. Considering he’s got this and Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hitting cinemas soon, this could be a big year for him.


Let’s hope Ad Astra lives up to the hype. Considering Gray’s classy oeuvre thus far, there’s a good chance it will. Alongside Pitt, the film will star Liv Tyler, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, and Donald Sutherland. It hits cinemas Friday, September 20.



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