First Trailer For Comedy ‘The House’ | Film Trailer


Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell will later this summer star in The House, a comedy which follows the two playing parents, who, “to afford their daughter’s college tuition, begin operating an underground casino”.


It’s always incredibly hard to judge comedies solely by their trailers. There have been hilarious trailers that ultimately ended up as disappointing films since all the best jokes were used as a marketing ploy, and there’s been previews that left audiences with no more than a shrug that turned out to be pretty great.


The House at least looks vaguely entertaining – surely there’s plenty of mileage to get out of comedy stars Poehler and Ferrell running a casino? – and with the inclusion of The League‘s always hilarious Jason Mantzoukas, you’d think this has at least a chance of being a hit.



We will see once summer rolls around. The House opens in cinemas on Friday, June 30.



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