First Trailer For Disaster Movie ‘Geostorm’ | Film Trailer


I guess disaster movies never go out of style. In the wake of – ironically – the disastrous Independence Day: Resurgence last year, alongside the fact that every superhero blockbuster is practically a disaster film itself nowadays, you’d think simply basing a film around a bunch of cities being destroyed might have reached its sell by date. Just don’t tell the producers of Geostorm that.


The first trailer for the disaster film has been released, and to be fair it looks to have the potential for silly, destructive fun. It naturally engorges on the explosions of huge buildings and shows off  its large CGI budget so much that star Gerard Butler is barely present in the trailer at all.


In the modern age of sequels/reboots/remakes it’s actually a pleasant surprise this wasn’t shoehorned into being a Day After Tomorrow sequel or something.


Strangely, and perhaps indicative of changing times, Geostorm is hitting cinemas in October. Go back to the late 90s and you couldn’t go a summer movie season without a disaster flick being one of the big draws (Independence Day, Twister, Deep Impact), so the changing market has been recognised, and could set the film up for a little success.



The film arrives Friday, October 20 and alongside Butler will star Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia, while being directed by former Independence Day producer, Dean Devlin.



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