First Trailer For Josh Boone’s ‘The New Mutants’ Arrives | Film News


Just as Fox has taken risks with their previous superhero films such as Deadpool and Logan, which both paid off handsomely, they’ve done the same with The New Mutants, the newest X-Men spin-off which has now dropped its first trailer.


Unlike the previous incarnations that naturally leant more towards the typical darker comic book vibe of the source material, The New Mutants looks much closer to a straight up horror film than anything resembling your prototypical superhero genre film.



The film comes from director Josh Boone (Stuck In Love, The Fault In Our Stars), and is certainly a departure from the genre of his previous two films, but Fox naturally saw him as the young, promising director to helm a project starring equally young, promising actors.


The film stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams and Charlie Heaton. The story comes from the New Mutants source material from Chris Claremont and artist Bob McLeod which began in 1982 before going through multiple incarnations, including one from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld which began in 1989.


The trailer above looks to be another step in an interesting direction from Fox as they continue subverting superhero expectations with fresh ideas. Let’s hope The New Mutants can live up to the hype when it arrives in cinemas on April 13, 2018.



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