First Trailer For Josh Trank’s Re-Titled ‘Capone’ Arrives | Film Trailer


Josh Trank‘s Fonzo was announced all the way back in the before times of October 2016, and we haven’t heard much since.


Tom Hardy was on board to play notorious gangster Al Capone, and shooting began in 2018 with a few shots leaking online of the actor’s transformation, and then things went quiet. Was Fonzo ever going to see the light of day?


Well, not Fonzo, no. But Capone, yes. After years of seemingly sitting idle, Trank’s film has now gotten retitled, found a distributor – Vertical Entertainment – and is set for a digital release in May. On top of that, Trank took to Twitter and released the first trailer himself.


The trailer looks gritty and dark, and not dissimilar to 2015’s Legend where Hardy played another notorious set of gangsters, the Kray brothers. It also looks like the film is not close to a traditional biopic, and will instead interrogate Capone’s descent into early-onset dementia while reckoning with his crimes.


It’s also significant that Trank called the film “my cut”. His Fantastic Four film a few years ago is infamous for being chopped and changed by the studio, resulting in some big behind-the-scenes drama and ultimately a film that was utterly panned. Trank disowned it before it even hit cinemas.


Trank had proven he was a talented filmmaker with 2012’s low budget Chronicle, but has had to wait eight years to finally release his next film thanks to the Fantastic Four debacle, which also probably harmed his reputation in Hollywood despite being given the short end of the stick by the studio. Whether Capone is good or bad, at least it’s Trank’s movie.


Alongside Hardy, the film also stars Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon and Kyle MacLachlan. Capone releases digitally on Tuesday, May 12.



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