First Trailer For Richard Linklater’s ‘Last Flag Flying’ | Film Trailer

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First Trailer For Richard Linklater’s ‘Last Flag Flying’ | Film Trailer


The first trailer has arrived for Richard Linklater‘s latest film, Last Flag Flying. Linklater has made a career out of directing consistently impressive character-heavy work, conflating sweetness and humour with existential introspection. In typical Linklater fashion, the trailer below looks to have that same balance nailed down.


Last Flag Flying stars Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell and Lawrence Fishburne as three former friends who served together in the Vietnam war, who reunite in 2003 for a different type of mission: to bury one of their sons who has been killed in the Iraq war.


If the trailer above is anything to go by, the film will retain that quintessential, bittersweet Linklater vibe; gentle humour fused with melancholy. Having Cranston, Carell and Fishburne – all tremendous actors – along for the ride should make this one of the most anticipated films heading into awards season.


Amazon Studios will release the film. Last Flag Flying premieres at the New York Film Festival Thursday, September 28, before getting a wide release on Friday, November 3.




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