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The Birth of a Nation


No, this is not a 2 and a half hour silent epic glorifying the KKK. On the contrary, Nate Parker‘s debut picture was hailed at its premiere at Sundance as a triumph not dissimilar to 12 Years A Slave. Sensing its potential, Fox Searchlight snapped it up for $17.5 million, no doubt hoping it can replicate the success of Steve McQueen‘s 2013 film.


The new trailer for The Birth of a Nation, released by its new distributor, introduces us to Nat Turner, a literate black preacher who keeps unruly black slaves under the yoke of young plantation owner Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer). However, witnessing atrocities inflicted on his people convinces Nat to turn against his white overlords and led the historical slave rebellion of Southampton County, Virginia in 1831.


Parker takes the lead on screen as well as off, playing the part of Turner. He is joined by Jackie Earle Haley, Penelope Ann Miller, Colman Domingo, Esther Scott, Roger Guenveur Smith and Gabrielle UnionThe Birth of a Nation shall arrive in U.K. cinemas January 20, 2017 and you can watch the new trailer below.




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