First Trailer For ‘Transformers’ Spinoff ‘Bumblebee’ Starring Hailee Steinfeld | Film Trailer


Although the Michael Bay era of Transformers is over, and the most recent film (The Last Knight) fared poorly at the box office by the standard of its predecessors, the franchise itself is still rolling along. The trailer for the first Transformers spinoff film, Bumblebee, has arrived.


The film is a prequel that takes place in the year 1987, long before Optimus Prime and his legion of friends and enemies arrived on Earth. That sets this film around the time the Transformers originally arrived in cartoon and toy form. Does it look much different from previous films in the series? Judge for yourself:



The film has been described as being a more heartfelt, Iron Giant-esque human making friends with robot type of film than the Bayhem that came before. That doesn’t exactly come across much in the trailer, but with Kubo And The Two Strings director Travis Knight at the helm, it’s fair to expect a more emotionally resonant film than the bombastic action we got used to with Bay.


Hailee Steinfeld will also add a more sympathetic presence in the lead role than Shia Labeouf‘s weaselly teenager and Mark Wahlberg‘s macho all-American hero. The film also stars John Cena, Pamela Adlon, Kenneth Choi, and John Ortiz.


We’ll wait and see if Bumblebee is indeed the Transformers franchise heading down a new path, or more of the same just with an 80s element. The film arrives in cinemas on Friday, December 21.



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