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Spotify playlists are a powerful thing, first of all, for emerging musicians – there’s quite a number of examples, how being featured on the right high-profile playlist led to hitting millions of streams and significantly increased sales.


But there’s another huge benefit of playlists – it can work as yet another social media platform. Some of the well-known artists understood that perfectly well and started curating their own sets, opening up for the fans and becoming reliable (because, if you like their music you’ll probably like what they like, right?) tastemakers.


Here are 5 of our favorite playlists, curated by famous musicians:


George Ezra’s Sunday Service (30.6k followers)


George Ezra has recently returned not only with new releases but with a heavy social media strategy, including behind-the-scenes footage, George Ezra & Friends podcast and a weekly-updated playlist, which features everything from classics of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder to emerging acts as Poppy Ajudha or Superorganism. Customized for Sundays, the playlist includes mostly good-vibe music. Listen below:



Blonded by Frank Ocean (114k followers)


Bearing in mind that the only social media platform Frank Ocean occasionally uses is Tumblr, the glimpse to his favorite music is a tiny, but sweet treat for fans. Sadly, it was created in summer and never updated again, but the 24-track set is a relaxing get-away to the soulful mid-tempo sonics. Listen here:



Father John Misty’s Royalty-Free Terrestrial Jukebox (27k followers)


The indie/folk music from Josh Tillman, aka Father John Misty, has a lot of late last century’s influences and it looks like the artist has gathered it all on his Spotify playlist. It features Nina Simone, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nancy Sinatra, John Lennon and Lou Reed, just to name a few, but enough to make it clear what to expect. Get some nostalgic vibes here:



real good shit by Tom Misch (39k followers)


There’s no secret that all the artists, curating playlists, also add their own music to it. Tom Misch is no exception, but his tracks seem to blend perfectly well in his set of almost a thousand of songs. Since his own sound is a mix of various genres from soul to modern jazz to hip-hop to electronics, you’ll find a broad range of groovy and ‘real good shit‘:



Homemade Dynamite by Lorde (62.8k followers)


At first sight, Lorde’s playlist, named after one of the singles from her latest album Melodrama, is dominated by female vocals, especially the alternative/indie pop singers, having a unique, darker sound, such as Wolf Alice, Billie Eilish, St. Vincent or the experimental duo Let’s Eat Grandma. There are also a few pop hits and a few classics, check out everything what Lorde is listening to:



It’s always interesting for the fans to see and hear everything that surrounds and influences their loved artists. In fact, it is also a very smart move to earn more streams on their own music. These are just a few of many cool artist-curated playlists – tell what are your favorites in the comments.



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