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Online slots are extremely accessible, which makes them a popular choice of entertainment for a lot of people today. Slot designers, developers and operators use a variety of different themes to attract new players and retain regular players.


This is a dream when you’re a movie fan because you can get slots based on all kinds of movies, from retro through to gangster movies and more. This article looks at five fantastic slots based on movies.


Nightmare On Elm Street



The 80s classic featuring the hideously burned killer with the bladed glove, Freddy Kruger, comes to life (not literally, thankfully), with a slot of its own, although this one is based on the equally chilling remake.


Your task is to evade the clutches of the evil killer himself. The game has five reels and a progressive jackpot. You can play bonus games, and, if you line up the scatter symbols, free spins. One of these bonuses is based on the haunting ‘Never Sleep Again’ rhyme from the movie, and your task is to go through four levels and select an item that prevents you from falling asleep.


You can also hit back at Freddy while you play with the Expanding Wild symbol, which when it lands, expands across the reel and doubles the winnings on the payline to which the Expanding Wild is applicable.


It’s immensely enjoyable, playing actual footage from the movie while you spin. It’s one of the various engaging and high-quality movie-themed slots you’ll find at 777 Casino, an excellent Las Vegas inspired, UK online casino.


Clash Of The Titans


Clash Of The Titans is another classic from the 80s, but this slot also takes its inspiration from the more recent remake. Don’t let that put you off, however. This five-reeler with twenty paylines features stills from the movie, adding to the quality. The symbols are a mix of card icons, characters from the film and the monsters with which they do battle.


Perseus is the high-paying wild and will also trigger one of the bonus features. The ‘Clash of the Titans’ logo will activate free spins. Land three of more of these scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and you’ll receive twelve free spins. If you land Perseus on reels one or five, you can pick a symbol and win a prize.




Scarface has gone down in history as one of the all-time gangster movie greats and the game features sounds and scenes from this iconic piece of cinema.


The game includes stand-out characters from the movie such as Tony Montana, Chi Chi and Elvira, and whenever they appear in a winning combo, you’ll see scenes from the movie. Guns, money and weapon are other symbols in the game. A maximum win on the game will see you win 60 000 coins — that’s a real killing!


When the wild symbols fill reels two, three or four, you’ll unlock the free spin bonuses. If you get a full-stacked wild on the third reel, you unlock a bonus level. Tony Montana will have the pleasure of your support as you assist the ruthless cocaine baron in fighting off gunmen in a scene from the film itself.


Note that there’s also a skill stop feature that allows you to stop the spinning reels so that you can create a winning combination. You then simply hit spin once you’ve created it to trigger a bonus round.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off



If you’re more the nostalgic type, you’ll enjoy the game, since it’s a little more dated than more modern slots, but no less enjoyable


Ferris Bueller is the world’s favourite truant and made audiences laugh as he faked illness for a day off high school and outwitted the school principal, who was hot on his tail. The game itself features characters and sounds from the movie, and has five progressive jackpots, five reels and three rows.


Lovable elements of the game include the ‘Fake the Parents’ bonus game, which you trigger when you get three scatter badges — themselves a ‘Save Ferris’ symbol — anywhere on the reels. And remember that moment when Cameron Frye rebels against his parents by kicking that beautiful Ferrari repeatedly?


You’ll find a bonus game of that, too, if you get Cameron sitting on reel four and the car sitting on reel two. You then press ‘Go’ when the screen with the car pops up. Cameron repeatedly kicks the car, and you can win up to 18 times your original bet.


Forrest Gump



Relive all the action from the iconic Forrest Gump movie when you play this incredible slots game


Tom Hanks touched all our hearts when he starred in Forrest Gump, the fictional biopic of a simple but good-hearted all-American and his unbelievable life.


This five-reeler offers twenty-five paylines and common symbols reminiscent of the movie include boxes of chocolates, Jenny, Dan, Bubba’s cap and, of course, Forrest Gump himself. Forrest is the top-paying symbol and will pay out a maximum of 5000 coins if you land it across five reels.


Just like the Clash of the Titans slot, there is a pick-and-win game with a progressive jackpot. The game activates at random, revealing symbols behind locations on the screen that you choose. The location awards points, and when someone claims the progressive jackpot, this jackpot resets back to zero.


If you get three or more football icons, you’ll trigger the ‘Run, Forrest, Run’ bonus game. Forrest must run down the football field, and dodges left and right to avoid tackles. Every time he passes a ten-yard line without getting hit, you’ll receive a prize. If he makes it all the way to the end of the field, you’ll receive a touchdown bonus.




This is just a selection of the movie-based slots you’ll find out there. If you’re a fan of superhero movies, you might enjoy the Dark Knight, Superman vs Batman, Man of Steel or Justice League slots.


You could also go retro, with a Rocky, Highlander or Top Gun slot, and if you enjoyed the scary Nightmare on Elm Street slot, you might like the Halloween one, too.



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