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It seems like a day hasn’t gone by this week without the tease of a new project from Jemaine Clement, currently on a publicity tour in the US in support of his new comedy drama People, Places, Things. These include two separate What We Do In The Shadows spin-offs (one a TV series, one a werewolf oriented sequel), a HBO anthology series produced by Judd Apatow and a return to touring with Conchords partner Bret McKenzie.


Well, today he has added yet another new project to his upcoming slate (presumably he’s stopped sleeping and eating to find time to make all of these). In an interview with IndieWire, Clement teases that he and McKenzie have started writing a screenplay for a potential Flight of the Conchords film – although they have no idea when it will be finished or what the narrative will even be about, due to the amount of ideas they have.


However, with plans to announce a US tour before the end of the year, it seems like him and Bret will spend enough time together to make completing the screenplay a priority; as somebody who believes that the Flight of the Conchords series is one of the funniest things ever produced, I would like them to hurry up and deliver this movie right now.



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